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Create reusable project templates

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Templates help you standardize user research across your organization by giving other people a starting set of data, tags, and project configuration to begin new projects from.

It’s a great way to speed up the process of setting up new projects, especially if you have a lot of projects that are similar, like usability testing sessions.

Create a template

To create a project template:

  1. Click Projects.

  2. Click New project.

  3. Click Create a new template.

Your template will now show up as an option for yourself and others when they click New project. You can customize the icon and title in the template’s settings.

When someone starts a new project from your template, everything in the template will be duplicated for them, including the readme, groups and colors, any notes, tags, or insights, and the content within notes, tags, and insights.

Edit a template

You can edit all of the content within the project template, however edits will only be applied to future projects that are based off the template.

To edit a project template:

  1. Click Projects.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Click Templates.

  4. Click the template name.

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