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Pause your subscription

If you currently aren’t undertaking a lot of research projects and not making the most of your Dovetail subscription, you can pause your subscription for a flat rate of $10 USD / month.

Pausing your subscription will:

  • Make all the content in your workspace read-only

  • Keep your full access to search and export

  • Allow you to continue to invite new users to read your research data

  • Charge a flat rate of $10 USD / month to your credit card on file

Pausing your subscription

To pause your subscription:

  • Navigate to your workspace billing settings.

  • Click the Subscription Actions (•••) button.

  • Click the Cancel action.

  • Select Pause, and keep data.

Unpause your subscription

To unpause your subscription:

  • Navigate to your workspace billing settings.

  • Click Unpause workspace.

  • Choose a plan that you want to upgrade your workspace to.

  • Finish the steps to update your subscription.

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Kai Forsyth
Product Marketer
Article info
Last updated 18 December 2020
1 min read

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